Integrated Lake Basin Management
Training Materials
International Lake Environment Committee

Module 1


The concept of Integrated Lake Basin Management — which forms the core framework for the training course — is explained in an easy-to-understand manner in several documents. For example, a reader looking for a quick overview should browse through Report 1 below, entitled "Integrated Lake Basin Management: Threats to world lakes" or the Presentation on ILBM (presented at the 12th World Lake Conference by Prof. Masahisa Nakamura). A more through but still short introduction can be found in the Additional Materials section below entitled "How Can We Stop Degradation of the World's Lake Environments?" Muhandiki provides a concise overview of the methods used in the World Bank/GEF project "Towards a Lake Basin Management Initiative" that led to the concept of ILBM.

  • Introduction

  • Additional Materials
    • How Can We Stop Degradation of the World's Lake Environments?

    • Methodology for Learning Within and Across Lake Basins
      Muhandiki, Victor

  • Homework
    • In your own words, define each of the terms in Integrated Lake Basin Management. Namely, What is integrated? What is a Lake? What is a Basin? What is management? What other terms like ILBM have you every heard/used and how do you think they might be different? Consider at least Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).