Integrated Lake Basin Management
Training Materials
International Lake Environment Committee

Module 4

Effective Institutions: Responding to Change

Institutions are the "who" of lake basin management. They are the organizations, both formal and informal, that implement societal decisions on how to control access to a given lake's resources. Usually, however, they are divided along sectoral lines and require significant efforts at conordination in order to ensure effective lake basin management.

  • Effective Institutions: Responding to Change

  • Additional Materials
    • River/Lake Basin Approaches to Water Resources Management
      Oya, Kenji

    • Institutional Coordination and Policy Development in Lake Basin Management
      Pattnaik, Ajit

    • Lessons on Attaining Sustainable Financing for Lake Basin Management Authorities in the Philippines
      Santos-Borja, Adelina

  • Homework
    • What is the institutional situation at your lake?
    • Which institution has control over which lake and/or basin use? (Please refer to your list of uses from Module 3)
    • To what degree is coordination between sectors been achieved?