Integrated Lake Basin Management
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International Lake Environment Committee

Module 7

Technological Responses

This chapter examines "technical" conservation/remediation interventions that help protect a lake's values and does not discuss development interventions such as fish pens and hydropower dams. The technological responses described here can be broadly divided into two groups: watershed-based measures (which include point and nonpoint measures) and in-lake measures (which include biological, chemical and physical measures).

  • Technological Responses

  • Additional Materials
    • Lessons on Preparing and Implementing a Management Plan within an Urban Development Framework
      Majizat, Akashah

    • Review of Technical Interventions to Restore the Northern Aral Sea
      Aladin, Nick

    • Re-Eutrophication and Pathogenic Contamination of Lake Chivero
      Magadza, Chris

    • Implementing Sewerage and Sewage Treatment Schemes in Developing Countries
      Muhandiki, Victor

    • Institutional Coordination and Policy Development in Lake Basin Management
      Pattnaik, Ajit

    • The Role of Agriculture and Irrigation in Lake Basin Management
      Watanabe, Tsugihiro

  • Homework
    • Which types of technological responses have been inplemented in your lake basin?
    • Which ones are currently being planned?
    • Who decides which ones will be used? What are the criteria used?