Integrated Lake Basin Management
Training Materials
International Lake Environment Committee

Reports and presentations

General Introduction to ILBM

  • Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM): Where we are and where we are going?
  • Integrated Lake Basin Management: Threats to world lakes
  • How Can We Stop Degradation of the World's Lake Environments?


Additional Materials

  • Acquisition and Management of Lake-related Water Quality Information at the Global Level
    Robarts, Richard

  • An Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in the Management of Lake Kyoga, Uganda
    Gyllenhammar, Andreas

  • Applications of Remote Sensing for Lake Basin Management
    Bradt, Shane

  • Biodiversity Loss in a Saline Lake Ecosystem
    Aladin, Nick

  • Charging for Use of Natural Resources: Practical Lessons for Lake Basin Managers
    Dixon, John

  • Economic Instruments for Environmental Protection
    Ballatore, Thomas

  • Economic Valuation in the Lake Basin Management Decision Making Process
    Verma, Madhu

  • Ecosystem Services and Values for Stakeholders
    Niren, Takaaki

  • Environmental User Fee System for Laguna de Bay
    Santos-Borja, Adelina

  • Fundamentals of the Economic Approach
    Kondo, Manabe

  • Global Review of Lake and Reservoir Eutrophication and Associated Management Challenges
    Mendiondo, Eduardo Mario

  • Implementing Sewerage and Sewage Treatment Schemes in Developing Countries
    Muhandiki, Victor

  • Implementing the Ecosystem Approach to Preserve the Ecological Integrity of Urban Lakes
    Kodarkar, Mohan

  • Indigenous Peoples and Lake Basin Management
    Skinner, Juan

  • Informational Requirements for a Lake Basin Management Program
    Rast, Walter

  • Innovative Financing Methods for Lake Basin Management
    Santos-Borja, Adelina

  • Institutional Coordination and Policy Development in Lake Basin Management
    Pattnaik, Ajit

  • Jal Dindi, the Water Pilgrimage: How Tradition and Culture can Used to Promote ILBM
    Kodarkar, Mohan

  • Lessons from Malaysia on Developing a Nationwide Strategic Plan for the Management of Lakes and Reservoirs
    Abdullah, Shahrizaila

  • Lessons from Nepal on Developing a Strategic Plan for the Integrated Lake Basin Management: The Case of Lakes Phewa, Bengas, and Rupa
    Pokharel, Shailendra

  • Lessons on Attaining Sustainable Financing for Lake Basin Management Authorities in the Philippines
    Santos-Borja, Adelina

  • Lessons on Preparing and Implementing a Management Plan within an Urban Development Framework
    Majizat, Akashah

  • Lessons on Project Design and Stakeholder Engagement from the Songkhla Lake Case
    Chatchai Ratanachai

  • The Management of Hoars, Baors, and Beels in Bangladesh
    Tapas Ranjan Chakraborty

  • Methodology for Learning Within and Across Lake Basins
    Muhandiki, Victor

  • Moving Towards Integrated Management of the Plateau Lakes in Yunnan Province, China: Lessons for Planning and Finance
    Wang Li

  • Multi-level Water Governance for Closed and Closing Systems: The Murray-Darling Basin, Australia
    Connell, Daniel

  • Participation in Japan
    Ide, Shinji

  • The Planning Process for Lake Basin Management: Lessons from Some North American Lakes
    Holdren, Chris

  • Re-Eutrophication and Pathogenic Contamination of Lake Chivero
    Magadza, Chris

  • Regulatory Approach For Water Quality Protection In Chile: Key Aspects to be Considered
    Villa-Lobos, Sybil

  • Review of Technical Interventions to Restore the Northern Aral Sea
    Aladin, Nick

  • River/Lake Basin Approaches to Water Resources Management
    Oya, Kenji

  • The Role of Agriculture and Irrigation in Lake Basin Management
    Watanabe, Tsugihiro

  • The Use of Workshops as a Planning Tool in ILBM: Lessons from Lake Chapala, Mexico
    Juarez, Alejandro

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