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What We Do


- Save Water, Save Lakes -

Lakes, which contain about ninety percent of freshwater on the earth, are a vital water resource, constituting a rich and essential component of nature as well as providing a variety of benefits to human beings. In spite of their global importance might be better, many lakes and other inland waters around the world are in a critical condition and will be severely affected by global warming because of their lentic (static) nature as water systems. In coping with these situations, ILEC has been promoting the sustainable management of lakes and their basins in collaboration with our worldwide counterparts from the academic, administrative and private sectors engaged in the conservation of lakes and other inland waters.



To achieve its vision (objectives) above, ILEC has the following six strategies:


1. Collecting and disseminating information and data on environmental aspects of lakes in all parts of the world;

2. Promoting scientific research on environmental management of lakes;

3. Assisting developing countries with environmental management of lakes and planning of environmentally sound development of lakes;

4. Promoting trainings and workshops on technical and managerial issues for lake environment;

5. Promoting interaction and collaboration with governmental agencies, research institutes and NGOs in the world which undertake international cooperation on environmentally sound lake management; and

6. Undertaking any other activities which become necessary to achieve the objectives of ILEC.




ILEC has been working on the following major activities in collaboration with its world-wide partners and project focal points from the
academic, administrative and private sectors since 1986:

Global Promotion of Lake Basin Management

- Promotion of Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM)

- Organizing joint workshops and developing ILBM self-learning tool / knowledge-based data base


Organizational Support for the World Lake Conference

- Assisting local host organizations with conference planning, organization, promotion, etc.


Training / Education

- Integrated Basin Management for Lake Environment Course (commissioned by Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA)



- Collaboration projects with international organizations (e.g., UNEP, Global Environment Faculty – GEF, World Bank)