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ILEC Newsletter


ILEC publishes ILEC Newsletter featuring the latest lake basin management cases, including its global collaboration activities. The latest issue and back issues are downloadable from this page:

No.65 (High Resolution) [5.4MB]No.65 (Light) [2.0MB]

No.64 (High Resolution) [3.8MB]No.64 (Light) [1.4MB]

No.63 (High Resolution) [3.1MB]No.63 (Light) [2.5MB]

No.62 (High Resolution) [5.7MB]No.62 (Light) [1.4MB]

No.61 (High Resolution) [4.9MB]No.61 (Light) [2.6MB]

No.60 (High Resolution) [3.5MB]No.60 (Light) [2.0MB]

No.59 (High Resolution) [5.0MB]No.59 (Light) [2.1MB]

No.58 (High Resolution) [3.3MB] No.58 (Light) [2.0MB]

No.57 (High Resolution) [9.2MB] No.57 (Light) [0.9MB]

No.56 (High Resolution) [7.1MB] No.56 (Light) [0.8MB]

No.55 (High Resolution) [3.8MB] No.55 (Light) [0.5MB]

No.54 [1.1MB] No.53 [0.9MB] No.52 [1.3MB]

No.51 [1.3MB] No.50 [0.5MB] No.49 [0.2MB]

No.48 [2.6MB] No.47 [0.7MB] No.46 [2.4MB]

No.45 [1.7MB] No.44 [1.0MB] No.43 [0.6MB]

No.42 [2.5MB] No.41 [0.5MB] No.40 [2.9MB]

No.39 [4.7MB] No.38 [4.9MB] No.37 [3.0MB]

No.36 [4.9MB] No.35 [0.6MB] No.34 [3.9MB]

No.33 [2.6MB] No.32 [3.0MB] No.31 [0.6MB]

No.30 [2.5MB] No.29 [2.4MB] No.28 [2.5MB]

No.27 [2.6MB] No.26 [2.5MB] No.25 [2.0MB]

No.24 [2.4MB] No.23 [2.2MB] No.22 [3.0MB]

No.21 [2.5MB] No.20 [2.0MB] No.19 [1.9MB]

No.18 [1.8MB] No.17 [1.9MB] No.16 [2.1MB]

No.15 [2.4MB] No.14 [2.3MB] No.13 [2.4MB]

No.12 [2.3MB] No.11 [2.2MB] No.10 [2.1MB]

No.09 [2.4MB] No.08 [3.7MB] No.07 [2.3MB]

No.06 [2.5MB] No.05 [2.2MB] No.04 [2.3MB]

No.03 [2.3MB] No.02 [2.3MB] No.01 [2.2MB]