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World Lake Vision

1. A Blue Print for the Sustainable Use of Lakes

The World Lake Vision: A Call to Action is a direct response to the problems confronting the world’s lakes, which hold more than 90 percent of the readily-available liquid freshwater on our planet’s surface. A comprehensive document directed to identifying and addressing the threats facing the millions of natural and artificial lakes around the world, it offers a framework for tackling the daunting management challenges confronting lake users. It will be useful to a variety of audiences involved with managing and using lakes and their resources, with its aim first and foremost being to assist the efforts of citizens inhabiting lake basins. It articulates principles to guide a transition toward managing lakes for their sustainable use, focusing on their unique characteristics and uses, and the threats they face. It also provides a practical road map for addressing the long-term health of lakes and the integrity of their freshwater required by human societies for their survival and economic development and for maintaining the life-supporting ecosystems upon which we depend.


2. World Lake Vision Meetings and Consultations

The document is the result of collaborative effort by many organizations and individuals, prepared by the World Lake Vision Committee.

Date Place Meeting
2000 March Hague, Germany Meeting at WWF2 (call for the need of Global Vision for Lakes)
2001 Sept. 4-6 Shiga, Japan Workshop: Toward a World Lake Vision
2002 July 26-28 Shiga, Japan Task Force Meeting
2002 Aug. 1-4 Shiga, Japan World Lake Vision Preparation Meeting (1st Draft)
2002 Aug. 27 Johannesburg, South Africa World Lake Vision meeting (Proposal of Vision)
2002 Sept. 26-28 Shiga, Japan World Lake Vision Committee Inaugural Meeting
World Lake Vision Workshop (2nd Draft)
2002 Oct. 15-19 Cleveland, USA World Lake Vision Consultation Meeting (3rd Draft)
2002 Dec. 15 Shiga, Japan World Lake Vision Symposium
2002 Dec. 16-18 Shiga, Japan World Lake Vision Workshop (4th Draft)
2003 Feb. 24-25 Shiga, Japan World Lake Vision Committee Meeting (Final Draft)
2003 March 20 Shiga, Japan The 3rd World Water Forum (Official Launch of the World Lake Vision)



3. World Lake Vision Documents in various languages

After launched at the WWF3 in March 2003, the World Lake Vision has been translated into various languages, most of which are voluntary contributions. This shows that the World Lake Vision is becoming a real global vision to be shared among lake people around the world.

Below are the already-translated versions of the World Lake Vision for the full text and executive summary.

* Translations are reportedly going on for some other languages, including Mongolian, Swahili


4. Local Lake Vision & Related Documents

Influenced and stimulated by the launch of the World Lake Vision, Local Lake Visions are being developed in various countries and regions. Some of them are shown below.

Tagayta Declaration (Philippines) [0.0MB]

Declaratory of Chapala (Mexico) [0.0MB]


5. World Lake Vision Action Report

The Report is to support the implementation of the World Lake Vision for the Sustainable Management of Lakes and Reservoirs. It includes 30 case studies from around the world and lessons learned from them.

PDF [7.2MB]