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13th Conference Wuhan 2009, Keynote Presentation

Hongliang Liu
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, China
Framework of National Lake Eutrophacation Control and Coordinated Development of Economy-Environment System [0.0MB]

Sven Erik Jorgensen
Copenhagen University, Denmark
The Bridge between Ecology and Lake Management: Ecological Modelling, -Economics, -Engineering and -Indicators [0.0MB]

China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research(IWHR), China
Integrated Lake Basin management based on natural-artificial dualistic hydrological cycle: Theory and Countermeasures [0.0MB]

Masahisa Nakamura
Shiga University, Japan
Global Promotion of Integrated Lake Basin Management(ILBM)- ILEC’s Strategy, Challenges and Prospects- [0.0MB]

David Garman
International Water Association
Lake Ecosystem Restoration: global challenges and Chinese initiative -Building an economically & environmentally sustainable water management ecosystem- [0.0MB]

Jindong Zhao & Tao Li
Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Genomics of the Taihu Waterbloom Cyanobacterium Microsystis aeruginosa [0.0MB]

Takehiro Nakamura
Ecosystem Approach to Lake Management [0.0MB]

Walter Rast
Texas State University, USA
Integrated Lake Basin Management: The Key to Maintaining Ecosystem Services [0.0MB]

Xi Beidou
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, China
Prevention and control of Eutrophication of China’s Lakes [0.0MB]

Yang Guishan
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
The protection of Taihu Lake and Integrated basin management [0.0MB]