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6th Conference (Kasumigaura 1995)

Venue Tsukuba & Tsuchiura Cities, Ibaraki, Japan
Date 23 – 27 October, 1995
Main Host Gov. of Ibaraki Prefecture
Co-Hosts Ministries of Env. and Construction,Tsukuba & Tsuchiura Cities, Tsukuba University, ILEC
Supporting Agencies ADB, OECD, ESCAP, UNDP, UNCRD, World Bank, JICA, NIRA,Ministries of Env., Land, Construction, etc., Public Corporation for Water Resource Development, Shiga Prefecture, etc.
No. of Participants 8,203 (75 countries)
Main Theme Harmonizing human life with lakes toward the sustainable use of lakes
Registration fee 10,000 Yen(advance 8,000 Yen)
student 5,000 Yen(advance 4,000 Yen)
one day 1,000 Yen
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