Ⅰ. Foundational Activities to Protect/Preserve World Lakes

1. Scientific Committee Operations The Scientific Committee, comprising a small number of internationally renowned scientists and experts in the field of lake and reservoir management and conservation, is responsible for advancing and implementing scientific matters relating to the conservation of the world lakes.
2. Support/Co-host to the World Lake Conference
3.World Lake Database and Knowledge-base We are providing/updating/improving the World Lake Database. Also a knowledge-based system with an extensive literature resource base, LAKES(Learning Accelaration and Knowledge Enhancement System) is built and provided for wider use.

Ⅱ. Training/Education

1.ILBM Training : We are providing a contract training course “Sustainable Water Use and Integrated Lentic and Lotic Basin Management” through JICA. A part of the educational material used in the course is seen by clicking the banner on the right.
2. Environmental Education/Capacity Building We are providing environmental education and capacity building activities through collaboration, commission or subsidy.
Biwakko Ambassador Project : We are providing environmental education including participating the World Lake Conference to the the elementary school children selected by the Shiga Prefectural Government.
Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science: We are participating the program (Sakura Exchange Program in Science by Japan Science and Technology Agency) to promote the exchange among the youth between Japan and China.

Ⅲ Dissemination of Integrated Lake Basin Management partnered with International Organizations

1.ILBM dissemination and Pilot Activity ILEC is deploying ILBM framework to the lakes in Kenya. Also “development of ILBM process” to propose it to National Policy is proceeding. Details about ILBM is here.
2.Building support tool for ILBM platform We are preparing ESSVA support tool which summarize ILBM-ESSVA study and work as template to apply in ILBM dissemination.