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The survey and study project for improvement of Indonesian lake water quality in 2019

 This year the following training course was conducted with the aim of contributing to the formulation and operation of Indonesian lake conservation plans by gaining knowledge on policies related to lake conservation systems, organizations and operations in Japan. The training was conducted in Japan from January 19 (Sun) to 29 (Wed), 2020 in Shiga Prefecture with the participation of 14 central and local government officials from Indonesia. The main contents are;

# Understand the concept of integrated lake basin management.

# Understand inflow load management and source control methods for lake water conservation, especially eutrophication management.

# Understand methods of community participation in lake conservation and the status of implementation of environmental learning.

# Understand monitoring methods for grasping lake water quality and ecosystems, and how surveys are reflected in countermeasures.

 Rather than addressing all of the issues, we focused on formulating a basic water quality conservation plan, grasping pollution load, and reducing point source load. For this reason, there were requests to listen to lectures on non-point source load from farmland and forests.  The evaluation of the training by the trainees was very high regarding its relevance to advance policy in Indonesia.