ILEC's activities consist of the following three major areas
for the sustainable world lake basin management.


Training on Lake Basin Management

ILBM Training

Environmental Education

Ramsar Biwakko Ambassador

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    • ILEC received 2018 JICA President Award

      Please refer to the TOPICS for the detail.


    • Notice of ILEC Web Site Renewal

      We would like to let you know that our website has gone through platform update and redesign on Sep. 19, 2018.

      The URI of our new home page is " ".

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    • No.65

      No.65 (2018.3)

      *Message from the New/Former President *ILEC 30th Anniversary Event *Letter from SciCom member (Collin M. Finlayson, Australia) *ILBM Workshop in Brazil, etc.

    • No.64

      No.64 (2017.3)

      *WLC16 (Bali, Indonesia) *Declaration by Biwa Kids Ambassador in WLC16 *Letter from SciCom member (Prof.Shimizu, Japan), etc.

    • No.63

      No.63 (2016.11)

      *ILEC’s 30th Anniversary: Our roots and WLCs *Obituary: Dr. Mostafa K. Tolba and Dr. Sven E. Jorgensen, etc.

    • No.62

      No.62 (2016.4)

      *ILBM-ESSVA Workshop in Kisumu *Message from the New/Fomer Chair of Scientific Committee

    • No.61

      No.61 (2015.10)

      *Fifteen Priority Lakes in Indonesia *Letter from Scicom member (China), etc.

    • No.60

      No.60 (2015.3)

      *WLC15 Highlights *East Africa and Post-AFSAN ILBM *Letter from SciCom (Brazil), etc.

    • No.59

      No.59 (2014.8)

      *Letter from SciCom member (Italy) *Lake Haleji (Pakistan), etc.

    • No.58

      No.58 (2013.12)

      *TICAD V Symposium *TWAP Assessment *Letter from SciCom member (Senegal), etc.

    • No.57

      No.57 (2013.4)

      *Message from ILEC Director General *Lake Rara (Nepal) *Letter from SciCom member (India), etc.

    • No.56

      No.56 (2012.10)

      *Growing ILBM Platform Process *Letter from SciCom member (Philippines) , etc.


What's new in our activities

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    ILEC received 2018 JICA President Award

    ILEC received 2018 JICA President Award

    ILEC was honored with the 2018 JICA President Award on October 1st, 2018 at the International Conference Hall in JICA Building. The award is to commend preeminent achievements to (more…)

  • Topics
    Donation from Kinki Labour Bank

    Donation from Kinki Labour Bank

    ILEC received JPY240,000 donation from the Kinki Labour Bank on May 25th, 2018. We thank them for their continued support. The donation will support our activities related to the 17th (more…)

  • Topics
    Donation from Kansai Urban Banking Corporation

    Donation from Kansai Urban Banking Corporation

    ILEC received JPY1,030,000 donation from the Kansai Urban Banking Corporation on May 7th, 2018. We thank them for their continued support. The donation will support our activities (more…)

  • Miscellaneous Meetings
    8th World Water Forum

    8th World Water Forum

    ILEC participated in the 8th World Water Forum held in Brasilia, Brazil during March 18-23, 2018. In collaboration with the Shiga Prefectural Government, we had a showcase (more…)

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