ILBM Promotion

Where we work

ILEC promotes sustainable lake management and conservation of sound lakes and their ecosystems through cooperation among government agencies, scientists, and local stakeholders for lakes in various environments worldwide and values the connection between people and nature.

In Africa, in cooperation with Shiga University’s Research Center for Sustainability and Environment, ILEC conducted a three-year project, known as “African Lake Basin Management with Sanitation Challenges (AFSAN)”, commissioned by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment to introduce the ILBM approach to improve water and sanitation conditions.

In South Asia, East Asia, Europe, and Latin America, we also promoted the "Lake Basin Governance" project in cooperation with Shiga University and the University of Shiga Prefecture to promote and develop ILBM. We continue to conduct field surveys and consultations with relevant organizations to understand the current status of lake basin governance and efforts to improve and strengthen it.