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Kick off PESSVA Introduction Project in Malaysia FY2023

We are entering the second year of the PESSVA (Participatory Ecosystem Services Shared Value Assessment) Introduction Project in Malaysia, which is being carried out with the support of Global Environment Fund Grant Program of the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency. This year, we will conduct a PESSVA survey focusing on Bukit Merah Lake, located in the state of Perak, Malaysia.

Prior to the survey, from August 20th to 25th, we invited government officials from the state of Perak to Shiga Prefecture. During this period, we engaged in discussions regarding the characteristics of the target lake and its lake management status. Additionally, we conducted a field trip. Through these activities, we highlighted the importance of ‘community participation’ in lake management, taking examples from collaborative efforts by stakeholders in the Lake Biwa region and upstream-downstream lake environmental management.

One of the Perak state government officials commented, “In Malaysia, it is challenging to secure the participation and cooperation of local residents, whereas I was amazed to see active community participation in environmental conservation in Japan. Although there are cultural and habitual differences, I would like to persistently work towards obtaining cooperation.”

In the future, we will work on establishing a cooperative framework with various stakeholders, including residents, fisheries, and businesses, around Bukit Merah Lake, while progressing with the survey and analysis.

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