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4th Family Seminar in the Environmental Education Project

On August 5th, 2023, ILEC, in collaboration with Kinki Rokin and the certified NPO “Biwako Houjou no Sato,” held the 4th Family Seminar in the Environmental Education Project with the support of Hiyoshi Corporation.

We had approximately 25 parents and children participate in this seminar, which was divided into two parts: a presentation and a clean-up activity. The event began with a greeting from Kinki Rokin, followed by presentations titled “World Lake Conference for Everyone” by ILEC and “Is That Really Garbage?” by Hiyoshi Corporation. Next, the Meta Rangers reported on “Rescuing Life in Metagawa River!” Through these presentations, we deepened our knowledge of waste sorting and environmental conservation activities. Afterwards, we went out to the nearby Metagawa River and carried out a clean-up activity. We learned about the actual state of the flowing trash and thought together with parents, children, and friends about how to reduce waste.

Even if it’s a small experience from this seminar, we hope it becomes a catalyst for discovering what we can do and turning it into action. To everyone who participated, supported, and cooperated, thank you so much for your hard work despite the scorching heat. Once again, truly thank you.