Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee, comprising a small number of internationally renowned scientists and experts in the field of lake and reservoir management and conservation, is responsible for advancing and implementing scientific matters supporting the aims of ILEC. The members of the Scientific Committee are elected for three years with possibility of being reappointed. They work on a voluntary basis. The Bureau Members, consisting of the chairperson, vice-chairperson(s), and three other members (including secretary), are entrusted with the business of the Scientific Committee. The current membership (the 13th term, from April 1st 2019 to March 31st 2022) is as follows.

They also publish the scientific journal “Lakes & Reservoirs” four times a year.

Lakes & Reservoirs


Vice Chair

Bureau Member


Former Members

  • Dr. Masaaki Naito [Japan] (Ex-officio)
  • Prof. Xiangcan Jin [China]
  • Dr. Mohan Kodarkar [India]
  • Dr. Chris H. D. Magadza [Zimbabwe]
  • Dr. Eric Odada [Kenya]
  • Prof. Saburo Matsui [Japan]
  • Prof. Sven Erik Jorgensen [Denmark]
  • Prof. Tatsuo Kira [Japan]
  • Ms. Dianne Dumanoski [USA]
  • Dr. Anders Jagerskog [Sweden]
  • Prof. Nii Boi Ayibotele [Ghana]
  • Ing. Conrado E. Bauer [Argentina]
  • Dr. Riccardo De Bernardi [Italy]
  • Prof. James P. Bruce [Canada]
  • Ing. Alberto T. J. Calcagno [Argentina]
  • Dr. Madhave Atmaram Chitale [India]
  • Dr. Sven Evteev [Kenya]
  • Prof. Takeshi Goda [Japan ]
  • Prof. Genady N. Golubev [Russia]
  • Dr. Steve Halls [Japan]
  • Prof. Michio Hashimoto [Japan]
  • Prof. Liu Hongliang [China]
  • Dr. Sidharth Kaul [India]
  • Dr. Triloki Nath Khoshoo [India]
  • Prof. Heinz Loeffler [Austria]
  • Prof. Ferenc Mate [Hungary]
  • Prof. Kenneth Mavuti [Kenya]
  • Dr. Richard A. Megank [Netherland]
  • Prof. Mambillikalathil G. K. Menon MP [India]
  • Dr. Michel Meybeck [France]
  • Prof. Jurgen Overbeck [Germany]
  • Prof. Sanga Sabhasri [Thailand]
  • Prof. Janos Salanki [Hungary]
  • Prof. Milan Straskraba [Czech Republic]
  • Prof. Richard Thomas [Canada]
  • Prof. Jose Galizia Tundisi [Brazil]
  • Prof. Richard A. Vollenweider [Canada]
  • Prof. Robert George Wetzel [USA]
  • Prof. Gilbert F. White [USA]
  • Prof. William David Williams [Australia]
  • Prof. Masahisa Nakamura [Japan]
  • Prof. Nikolai Aladin [Russia]
  • Dr. Richard Denis Roberts [Canada]
  • Prof. Luigi Naselli-Flores [Italy]
  • Prof. Tsugihiro Watanabe [Japan]
  • MSc. Juan Skinner [Guatemala]