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  ILBM is a way of thinking that assists lake basin managers and stakeholders in achieving sustainable management of lakes and their basins. It takes into account that lakes have a great variety of resource values whose sustainable development and use require special management considerations for their lentic (static) water properties.

  Good basin management of a lake can be realized only through ILBM, or continuous improvement of lake basin governance, that integrates Institution, 
Policy, Participation, Science, Technology and Finance. ILEC promotes ILBM globally, with long-term and strong political commitment, in order to improve the state of world’s lakes. 

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WLC16 (BALI 2016)

2nd Announcement

The 2nd Announcement of the 16th World Lake Conference (WLC16: Bali, Indonesia: Nov. 7-11, 2016) has been published. Find out prospective agenda, side events, thematic session topics and more!


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ILEC Newsletter Latest Issue (No.62)
The latest issue of ILEC Newsletter is now available in full colors on this website. Discover ongoing situation of Lake Toba and other priority lakes in Indonesia, the host country of the 16th World Lake Conference coming up in November 2016, and other news on ILEC activities in the featured articles.