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ILEC Vice President, and Vice Chair of ILEC Scientific Committee, participated in WWF10 in Bali! – Part 2

On May 23rd of WWF10, Dr. Nakamura, ILEC Vice President delivered a keynote speech during the Special Session 11.

The closing ceremony took place on the final day, May 24th, and specific achievements and action plans were incorporated into the ministerial declaration.

【Thursday, May 23rd】

Special Session 11 “Sharing of Knowledge, Spirit and Action on Sustainable Lake Management – Raising Momentum of World Lake Day”

The session began with opening remarks by Ms. Dyah Murtiningsih, Director General of Watershed Management and Forest Rehabilitation, Republic of Indonesia.

Dr. Nakamura, ILEC Vice President, delivered a keynote speech on the definition of “Sustainable Lake Management (SLM),” its relevance to the six-pillar framework of Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM), which captures the characteristics of lakes, and ILEC’s contribution to SLM.

Furthermore, Dr. IB Putera Parthama, Executive Chair of the National Watershed Forum, Indonesia, moderated presentations on action sharing for promoting SLM from local governments and international organizations.

Here’s what each presentation addressed:

・ Our Action for Sustainable Management of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. – Giving Momentum to ‘World Lake Day’/ The Lake Biwa Conservation and Restoration Division, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, 

・ Restoration of Priority Lakes: Understanding Challenges and Restoration Steps / Indonesian National Research and Innovation Agency,

・ Indonesian Priority Lakes Project, Australia’s Experience / Australia Center for International Agriculture Research,

・ And Co-design for monitoring and evaluation of environmental flows: Murray-Darling Basin, Australia / CSIRO.

In addition, presentations were made by the Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands regarding the role of the Ramsar Wetlands Convention, and by the Freshwater Ecosystem Unit, UNEP regarding adaptation of the Sustainable Lake Management (SLM) resolution and actions.



【Friday, May 24th】

Closing Ceremony

At the 10th World Water Forum, a declaration was drafted during the Ministerial Meeting on “Water for Shared Prosperity.” In this ministerial declaration, proposals were made for the establishment of “World Lake Day” at the United Nations General Assembly, as well as the incorporation of initiatives such as the establishment of a Center of Excellence (CoE) on Water and Climate Resilience and integrated water resource management in small islands.

During this forum, ILEC promoted the 20th World Lake Conference to be held in Brisbane, Australia, next summer (2025), and will also take over the momentum toward sustainable lake management, considering the importance and role of lakes as water resources.



10th World Water Forum 2024 Aggregate Data

● Number of Participants: 19,686 (from 160 countries) *Including participants in fairs and other events, totaling 64,000 people over the 7 days.

● Number of Sessions: 279 (21 Political Sessions, 35 Regional Sessions, 125 Thematic Sessions, 20 High-Level Panels, 7 Youth Sessions, 13 Special Sessions, 56 Side Events, 2 Ceremonies)

● Number of Exhibition Booths: 254