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The JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program for the fiscal year 2023 was carried out.

This year, we hosted 11 participants from 11 countries (Albania, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Chad, India, Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Cuba, El Salvador, and Mexico), alongside a staff member from the JICA Nicaragua Office. They underwent a three-week online training session from November to December, followed by a five-week training program in Japan from January to February.

The training covered various topics including:

  • ● Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM)
  • ● Conservation efforts for Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture
  • ● Lectures on water quality improvement, monitoring, GIS, environmental education, eco-tourism, fisheries, agriculture, sanitation, waste management, etc.

They also visited several facilities such as the Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute, Lake Biwa Museum, Konan Chubu Purification Center, Yodo River Dam Integrated Management Office, Yodo River Office, Yasu River Lower Stream Land Improvement District, Fish Cradle Paddy Field, and Hiyoshi Corporation.

To address the growing interest in environmental education, the program included a boat ride called “Uminoko” and a field trip to explore the Lake Biwa-Yodo River watershed management, incorporating a historical perspective.

The participants actively engaged in all activities, integrating ILBM concepts into their action plans and presenting their findings. They found the experience enriching not only for learning about water resource management in Japan but also for experiencing Japanese history and culture. We wish them success in their future endeavors in their home countries.