To all visitors to the International Symposium 2022

Please read this before coming to the symposium.

To ensure the safety of all visitors to the symposium, we are promoting measures to prevent infection by COVID-19. We appreciate your cooperation.

COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA)  /   滋賀県コロナ追跡システム「もしサポ滋賀」


Please refrain from coming to the symposium if you have any of the following:

① Persons with a fever (37.5℃ / 99.5℉ or higher) or other health problems,

②    If you are under health surveillance after returning (entering) Japan from overseas,

③    If you are in close contact with a person infected with the new strain of coronavirus.



Please use public transportation in a decentralized manner.

Since there are not many restaurants in the vicinity of the venue, we have prepared a lunch venue with infection control measures. Please use them as you see fit. We will not be selling lunch, so please bring your own.

If you do not use the lunch venue, we recommend that you use a restaurant that provides infection control measures.

For persons coming from overseas, please also check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ” Border measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)” for the latest information regarding entry into Japan.