Announcement of ILEC Fall International Event toward the 19th World Lake Conference

For “sustainable lake management” and “future development of resource use,” it is important to work together with residents, as symbolized by the “Lake Biwa Model. In order to deepen the understanding of young people and citizens, in particular, we will hold an international event in autumn as an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of lakes through ecotourism and to encourage diverse actors to take action.

Taking advantage of this opportunity to draw people’s attention to lake issues, we are pleased to announce that Lake Biwa, which has many excellent case studies in lake environment conservation, will be spotlighted once again for the further development of sustainable lake management.

【Scientific Knowledge Development】October 12-14
The ILEC Scientific Committee members, internationally renowned scientists, and experts in the field of lakes will gather in Kusatsu from around the world to discuss the future action plan for “sustainable lake management”.

【A message from Lake Biwa to the world】October 15
 As shown in the attached program