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Thank you for attending ILEC-UNEP International Webinar

ILEC organized an International Webinar entitled “Mainstreaming Lakes in the Global Water Agenda” on October 27th, 2020.

Over 130 participants from 27 countries registered with this webinar. As the presenters, we invited 9 specialists of Lake Basin Environment Management and Conservation from mostly Asia and Africa. Each presenter mainly introduced their national strategies, programs, problems and challenges of Lakes & Wetland, Fresh Water and Water Security, and a discussion followed at the latter half with the representatives of UNEP and ILEC.

As a whole, we are encouraged that many countries already have each platform at the national level, however, using the words of Prof. Walter Rast, lakes and other lentic water have been a missing link in the Global Water Agenda and SDGs. We re-acknowledged that we need to develop a global scale platform to promote management plans and activities for this webinar’s concept, “Mainstreaming Lakes in the Global Water Agenda”.

ILEC will keep promoting the call to action for the need to mainstream lakes and other lentic waters within the Global Water Agenda in collaborating with our colleagues all over the world.