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    "I (or the organization, or organizational representative, etc.) pledge that I do not fall under any of the following categories. *After confirming your pledge and checking the checkbox, the submission button will appear.

    (1) Businesses related to adult entertainment or similar industries regulated by the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses and the Proper Conduct of Business Operations,

    (2) Businesses engaged solely in consumer lending and business lending specified in the Money Lending Business Regulation Act,

    (3) Industries related to gambling, except for those related to lotteries specified in the Winning Ticket Act,

    (4) Industries such as marriage agencies and introduction services,

    (5) Industries such as detective agencies and identity verification companies,

    (6) Businesses that have received administrative guidance from government authorities and have not made necessary improvements,

    (7) Businesses where organized crime members are substantially involved in management, businesses utilizing the intimidation or services of organized crime members, and businesses cooperating with or involved in the maintenance and operation of organized crime,

    (8) Other industries and businesses that may damage social credibility, fairness, and public trust.