About World Lake Conference (WLC)

9th World Lake Conference (Biwako 2001)
Partnership for sustainable life in lake environments: Making global freshwater mandates work
Otsu City, Shiga, Japan
11 – 16 November, 2001
Gov. of Shiga Prefecture, Co-Hosts: Ministries of Env., Land and Transportation, Labor and Health,Otsu City, Public Corporation for Water Resource Development, ILEC
Supporting Agencies
UNEP, UNDP, UNESCO, UNU, UNCRD, ADB, WWAP, GWP, WWF, Ministries of General affaires, Foreign Affaires, Education, agriculture, Economy and Industry, Ibaraki Prefecture
3,617 persons from 75 countries
Registration Fee
20,000 Yen (advance 18,000 Yen)
student 15,000 Yen (advance 14,000 Yen)
one day 3,000 Yen (student 1,500 Yen)