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JICA-KCCP training course focusing on virtual tours was conducted

The JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program training course “Integrated Lake, River, and Coastal Basin Management for Sustainable Use and Preservation of Water Resources” Part.2 was held from January 18 to February 1. Sixteen participants, including observers, attended from 9 countries of Albania, Botswana, Nepal, Armenia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Zambia, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe jointly with FY2020 and FY2021. We conducted virtual tours of Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute, Konan-Chubu Sewage Treatment Plant, Lake Biwa Museum, and Rural community sewage treatment facilities for the first time. In addition, we live broadcasted from the research center of Kyoto University. Moreover, videos for the analysis work in Hiyoshi Corporation and the analysis of water sampling of Lake Biwa on the research boat at Shiga University were incorporated. The participants seemed to be impressed by its realistic scenes.