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Ramsar Biwa-Kids Ambassadors Activities 2015

In the fiscal year 2015, ILEC conducted the Ramsar Biwa-Kids Project, or an environmental education program targeting children, commissioned by Shiga Prefectural Government. Six selected elementary school students (aged between 10-12) reside in Shiga participated in this program as the Ambassadors, to lean about “lakes and their food culture”. The highlight of the program was an international exchange meeting in November organized in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in collaboration with the local universities and elementary schools. Prior to the meeting, the Ambassadors attended a series of workshops in Shiga to study their home-town lake, Biwa and its food culture and traditional fishing methods.
Their year-long activities were reported to Vice-Governor of Shiga Prefecture, their families, and others at the debriefing meeting in February. Through the precious experiences, they have become more aware of the environmental issues.

【Summary of the Ambassadors’ Activities】
・ 2015 June 28th The 1st Pre-Workshop (Nagahama)

July 30th   The 2nd Pre-Workshop (Hikone, Moriyama & Yasu)

August 22nd Participation in the Lake Biwa Citizen Conference 2015 (Otsu)

November 21-24th The International Exchange Meeting (Chiang Mai)

2016 February 13th Project Debriefing Session (Kusatsu)