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Sustainable Lake Management Resolution Adopted at UNEA5.2

 The 5th session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA5.2), held from 28 February to 2 March in Nairobi, Kenya, adopted a Resolution on Sustainable Lake Management. The draft resolution was proposed by Indonesia as a champion country and ILEC has been working to facilitate adoption from the draft stage.

 The adopted resolution requests all member states and relevant international organizations to undertake and implement, as follows:

 ◆ International cooperation in relevant regulation, budget allocations, technology, and data addressing the entire lake basin

 ◆ Integration of lakes into national plans including climate adaptation, water resources management, and conservation of biodiversity

 ◆ Involvement and capacity building for all relevant stakeholders including local communities and indigenous peoples

 ◆ Research and guidance, including the emphasis on science-policy linkages

 Successful adoption of this Resolution at the UN level is a big step toward achieving sustainable lake management. ILEC is going to earnestly undertake further steps to focus attention on the management of freshwater systems and their life-supporting ecosystem services on a global scale.

Click here for the Resolution on Sustainable Lake Management, adopted in March 2022.