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Balaton Declaration from the WLC19 is now available.

We are pleased to announce the release of the Balaton Declaration, which was compiled based on discussions and input from participants during the 19th World Lake Conference (WLC19) held in Balatonfüred, Hungary, from November 7th (Tuesday) to November 9th (Thursday), 2023.

19th World Lake Conference, Balaton Declaration in brief
This 19th World Lake Conference also is the first global-scale lake-focused conference convened since the unanimous adoption of the SLM Resolution, thereby representing an invaluable opportunity to highlight the critical challenges and goals inherent in the sustainable management of lakes and their basins, including their linkages to climate change and the related extreme climatic events (droughts, floods) that have significantly impacted both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems globally, highlighting the need for integrated climate planning in lake regions.

・Accelerate and enhance support for the forerunner national governments and concerned national and international non-governmental organizations to realize the designation of a “World Lake Day” at the United Nations General Assembly.  Designation of a “World Lake Day” will enormously contribute to bringing global attention to the crucial role of lakes in addressing human freshwater needs, and ecosystem integrity and biodiversity, at all levels.

・Create and ensure implementation of tools to strengthen science-policy linkages in developing sustainable lake management efforts, including the involvement of policymakers, scientists, and communities, a noteworthy example being the Mother Lake Goals, inspired by the SDGs, for the conservation and sustainable management of the Lake Biwa basin, Japan

・Enhance proactive lake management by policymakers, the public, and all relevant lake stakeholders to address lake basin management challenges through the preparation of regular assessment reports on the status and needed actions of in understandable language used to address activities such as the implementation of the SLM Resolution at the regional, national and local levels

・Mobilize the enthusiasm, energy, and visions of the Youth in facilitating sustainable lake management at all levels, including planning, decision-making, implementation, evaluation and celebration

For the declaration, you can view and download it in PDF format from this linked page.