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The video of the side event “International Colloquium” at WLC19 is now available!

The International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC) has announced the release of a video for the International Colloquium “Promoting Sustainable Lake Management (SLM): Challenges, Achievements, and Lessons Learned”, held as a side event of the 19th World Lake Conference (WLC19) on November 6, 2023.

Co-organized with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), this hybrid event took place both in-person and online, attracting 134 participants from over 16 countries.

The Colloquium focused on the significance of Sustainable Lake Management (SLM) in achieving water-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Discussions centered on the role of Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM) as a tool to promote and share the importance of SLM, building upon the resolution adopted at the 5th United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA5.2) and the March UN Water Conference.

The event included greetings from the organizers and the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, followed by messages from various national governments and reports on initiatives from different regions worldwide.

Representatives from the Indonesian government highlighted the international situation surrounding lakes post-SLM resolution, emphasizing the urgency of addressing ecological degradation and the importance of conservation. They advocated for the establishment of “World Lake Day” to engage governments globally in recognizing the significance of lakes. Contributions from Shiga Prefecture and its sister state, Michigan in the United States, showcased initiatives like “Lake Biwa Day” and “Michigan Freshwater Week,” emphasizing community involvement in conservation efforts.

Furthermore, UNEP experts outlined collaborative efforts with member countries to advance SLM initiatives. International organizations also presented their experiences and insights regarding SLM promotion. ILEC introduced a video report from the Lake Biwa-Yodo River Basin Workshop titled “SLM in Lake Biwa-Yodo River Basin Management.”

Following these presentations, a panel discussion facilitated exchanges among participants, including the ILEC Scientific Committee members and other stakeholders from international organizations, national governments, and NGOs. The discussion aimed to align multifaceted perspectives and approaches towards SLM. Ultimately, it was emphasized that the event provided an opportunity to strengthen collaboration among stakeholders toward the establishment of “World Lake Day.”

The video can be accessed via the program (video-linked version).