Generous Donation from “Kinki Rokin” (Kinki Labour Bank)

ILEC received a generous donation of 218,754 yen as a contribution through the “Smile Plus” social contribution deposit from “Kinki Rokin” (Kinki Labour Bank) on June 6th, 2024. The “Smile Plus” social contribution deposit supports the activities of non-profit organizations and community groups in the Kinki region, focusing on child support, disaster-stricken areas and disaster prevention, international cooperation, support for people with disabilities, support for women and minorities, and environmental conservation. ILEC has been selected as a recipient in the fields of “international cooperation” and “environmental conservation”. We sincerely appreciate their understanding of ILEC’s mission and their kind contribution.

The donated funds will be utilized for initiatives to nurture the next generation of leaders for the 20th World Lakes Conference scheduled to be held in July next year (2025) in Brisbane, Australia.