Ex JICA-ILEC Training course participants gathering

At this World Lake Conference, JICA-ILEC Training course participants gathering was held based on ILEC’s Medium-Term Perspective, which says that we will revitalize communication with training students, further upgrading the network of participants of training,.

Ten participants, mainly those who participated in the training from 1995 to 2014 gathered and each participant made an activity report. Participants from Ghana, Kenya, Chad were presented using power point and others. Participants from Thailand, Azerbaijan and Turkey have also reported on the activities currently undertaken in each country based on the results of JICA-ILEC training. Participants from Vietnum did not participate in the training but introduced the current research activities and expressed an intention to participate in the training in the future.

In response to these participants’ presentations, reviews were given from teachers of former training course leaders.

After that, there was active exchange of opinions on the future construction of JICA-ILEC training students’ networks and more information exchanges and exchanges between training students who utilized them.