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Cooperation for FY2022 Seminar on Regional Understanding “Lake Biwa” by JICA Kansai

On March 3rd, 2023, lectures were given as part of the FY2022 Seminar on Regional Understanding Program “Lake Biwa” by JICA Kansai, in response to their request. *Related materials are attached at the end of the article.

This program, which is now in its fourth year, was held in a hybrid format with 14 participants attending onsite and approximately 190 applicants from 57 universities nationwide online.

In the morning, Dr. Nakamura, ILEC vice president, gave a lecture on “Understanding the Development and Importance of Lake Biwa,” followed by a lecture in the afternoon by Professor Ide from the University of Shiga Prefecture on “Resident Activities during Japan’s High Growth Period.” During the Q&A session, various questions were asked about water treatment systems, hydroelectric power, soap movements, MLGs, and more, leading to lively exchanges of ideas.

Although it was a short one-day program, we hope that it served as an opportunity for students from various countries who participated to deepen their awareness of the importance and issues surrounding lakes and reservoirs.

The seminar on regional understanding is implemented by JICA Kansai. This program introduces examples of the Kansai area’s history, development, and experience to long-term trainees (international students) studying at graduate schools in the Kansai area to convey the region’s modern and contemporary growth and development experience.

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